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NayaPay APK Download (Latest Version) V1.2.2 Free For Android

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Nayapay is the first ever launched E-money institution all over Pakistan. Naya Pay is approved by the central bank. The


Nayapay is the first ever launched E-money institution all over Pakistan. Naya Pay is approved by the central bank. The main aim of NayaPay App APK is to bring more and more residents into the financial service ecosystem and its main objective is to meet the need of the citizen of lower banks. Now the same organization is planning to launch a pay consumer application that helps users to make their digital wallets on mobile devices by using their CNIC.

You just need to log in, after logging in the user’s virtual vis cards automatically connect with the account for the online payment of the purchases. The actual visa debit card is also available to the users for a non-available fee. The user will use this to pay above 46 M traders all along the globe. Danish a Lakhani is the CEO of this app, this is an amazing opportunity for all Pakistani users.

For providing this opportunity the company partnered with many banks in Pakistan to that they will enable users to pay their traders with this new Naya pay app APK. Along with traders the customer also gains the advantage s they can also use the digital wallet, by using this wallet the customer can pay for their purchases, receive money and transfer money.


NayaPay Review:

Company extension:

Features of NayaPay App:

How to Register a NayaPay APK Account?

FAQs About Naya Pay App:

NayaPay Review:

According to the study, fifty-eight percent of the companies in the world use cryptocurrency for transfer payments across the border, not small companies but multinational ones are using this. So in this new blockchain, many executives get harmed by this financial mainstream. According to some report, the SFM help their investor in starting their business in more than twenty-five countries.

So for this business, they were using cryptocurrency as a payment they transfer and receive cryptocurrency in business deals. They also use bitcoins and lite coins as payment methods with multinational countries. In the recent era where money losses its value but crypto currency gains so the trading of cryptocurrency is trending in all the trading markets many investors generate a huge amount of money by investing in cryptocurrency

So due to all these conditions Cuba allows digital currency for trading along with this the central bank of cubs is also working on different frameworks and implementation of cryptocurrency. Nayapay app apk is the one e-money account in Pakistan, from which you can transfer money in a few minutes. It will manage all the frauds related to financial transactions. The priority of this app is to protect the data of customers.

Company extension:

This company also plans to expand its business to small size business and medium-sized businesses so that new businesses will have access to a platform called ARC that can access the digital payment system and management of financial tools.

Features of NayaPay App:

Like every app, nayapay is also an apk and it has its unique feature, as it is the 1st ever EMI app in Pakistan, so it has very exceptional features in it. If you want to know read the further article.You can send your payment through Naya Pay app and you have many advantages of using this app as the payment collector and receiver, if you send the payment to some of your clients the information stays between you and your client. Both of you can see, that no one outside knows the information.You can send any of your payments anywhere in the world. if you do not have the contact of a specific person do not worry you can also send payment contactless.By using this app you can discover many new businesses and join them.You can also use this app in ordering food from any restaurant.You can also check where is the nearest petrol pump and pay for the fuel from this app.You can pay contactless if you are going on any public transport you just need to add a pass and turn on your mobile.Whenever you open this app, authentication is required to open it, you need to put the pin, password, and fingerprint to verify that it has you and then you can use this app for payment. The security system of this app is very tight.You can do any payment for the shopping from any brandAll of your personal information is securedYou can use this app at any time anywhereYour cart and all the information in it is encrypted as when you make any cashless payment Naya Pay app gives a unique account instead of an actual no. so that’s how all your payment info is safe and secure.

How to Register a NayaPay APK Account?

If you want to sign in to this app you just need to follow these steps.

First, download the NayaPay APK from the play store.Then you need to sign up for your digital wallet just to enter the CNIC and NICOPAfter verification, a wallet is ready to use.If you want to enhance the limits of your spending, you need to verify through biometrics.

FAQs About Naya Pay App:

What should I do with NayaPay App?

You can pay all the bills like utility bills, mobile bills, schools fee, and everyday payments, you can do online payments for shopping and food.

Is this Naya Pay app apk encrypted?

Yes, this app is encrypted, Naya Pay app gives a unique account instead of an actual number whenever you make any cashless payment .so that’s how all your payment information is safe and secure.

How do I get Naya Pay Card?

You can get a Naya pay debit card for free and delivered to your doorstep. This is used for online payment  all over the world

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What’s new

What’s new in Nayapay App V1.2.2 (72):

Customers will get details about the transactions and also get notification about it and also get email receipts about the transactions.You can also get the free debit card from the nayapay app and they deliver it to your doorstep.This app provides you the opportunity to message your relatives and transfer money to your friends and family. Now you can pay the bills and payment at your comfort

Download APK(87.5MB)

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